Housing & Travel

New to the area or only staying temporarily? We can help

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We know you love your work. We also know you love a job when it pays well.

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LOCAL Means Something! Benefit From Our Local Presence

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Housing & Travel

Housing: Unfamiliar with the area?

Core MedStaff offers private, furnished housing so that you can focus on your work and your play.

Travel: Need help getting to Los Angeles?

Core MedStaff offers travel assistance to defray your travel costs.

Meals and Incidentals: We want you to enjoy your stay in Los Angeles

Core MedStaff offers benefits to help cover your day-to-day living expense.


Competitive Pay: Nursing is a tough job

Core MedStaff offers competitive packages to reward you for your hard work.

Direct Deposit

A safe and simple way to get paid.

Tax-Free Stipends: We're here to make your life easier

You could qualify for a tax-free allowance to help towards the cost of working and living in Los Angeles.


Facility Expertise

We’ve walked the neighborhoods, units and halls of the Facilities where we will be placing you. We strive to educate our staff on the environments that they’ll be working in. From physical environment to acuity level to patient population, you will always know what you’re walking into.

Housing Flexibility

We care about your commute and your safety. Based on your assignment, Core MedStaff will find you housing that fits your specific needs.

Customer Service

Our headquarters is no more than a hop, skip and a jump from where we will place you. Should any issues ever arise, we are not only a phone call away, but a short drive away. And believe me, we will be on-site to address your issue.

Market Insight

Los Angeles is our market. We keep a pulse on where the orders are so that you are always presented with the best job opportunities.

Local Reputation

Core MedStaff is THE GO-TO provider for Healthcare Facilities seeking Registered Nurses. Join our team to be considered first for hot assignments.